We are here for those who dare

We are Team AFA - optimistic risk-takers who roll up their sleeves. We know just how amazing and daunting startup life is. This is why we’re here to bring real advice and real solutions to those willing to risk it all to make their dreams a reality.

Why we care about your startup

ViewSonic and Hustle Fund are combining forces to make a powerhouse team. A team that understands both the ins and outs of the startup and investing world while knowing the tools required to empower business owners. Whether it’s through network, capital, or knowledge, our mission is to provide the resources to help support often overlooked founders and level the playing field for startups of all shapes and sizes.

Meet our judges

We’ve invited a team of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to help judge the best ideas. Our judges will vet applicants based on their pitches across the four categories before you help choose the People’s Choice award.

Eric Bahn

General Partner and Co-Founder at Hustle Fund. A whole lot of crazy crap in the last 15 years. Mom is disappointed I'm not a doctor. Obsessed with minivans.

Janel Spilker

Head of Business Development at Hustle Fund. Chemical engineer turned teacher turned professional cyclist. Loves people, coffee, and all kinds of adventures.

Steven Yu

In my roles as Global Marketing Director, Executive Creative Directors and General Manager, I have impacted the balance of leadership in both creative and executive management to grow business and creative output.

Mary Ann Azevedo

Senior Reporter at TechCrunch. Over two decades as business reporter, editor. NY Times Chairman's Award. Master's in journalism, University of Texas in Austin.

Meet the rest of our team

Get to know the team working tirelessly behind the scenes, each adding just the right amount of inspiration, expertise, and magic to bring The Affies to life.

Austin Powers

Global Marketing Strategy Director and Head of Gaming Segment at ViewSonic. Artist turned marketer; enjoys diving, photography, and anything new.

Tricia Ting

Global Creative Director (A.K.A. Mama Ting) at ViewSonic. Took the plunge and jumped from agency to client-side. Gets excited about big ideas, great food, and travel with family.

Elizabeth Yin

General Partner and Co-Founder at Hustle Fund. Recovering entrepreneur and marketer. SF Bay Area native. Loves hippos. Especially on roller coasters.

Shiyan Koh

General Partner and Co-Founder at Hustle Fund. 33% Singaporean pragmatism + 67% SF Bay Area idealism. Loves factoids and weird humans.

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